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Whether you have an old stove taking up valuable space in your basement or an entire storage unit full of unwanted metal objects, give Hollywood Haulers a call.


Count on our prompt, courteous, and efficient team to collect and remove all scrap metal from your property. With one call to us, a convenient time will be arranged to visit your property and make arrangements for the removal of all metal objects. Imagine not having to look at that mess anymore!


Your unwanted scrap metal will be brought to an appropriate recycling facility, crushed or melted down, and repurposed.

To receive additional information regarding any of our services, contact:

Hollywood Haulers



Anything 50% metal or more and we will remove it from your property for FREE!

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Prompt and professional scrap metal removal services

• Air conditioners

• Dishwashers

• Stoves and ovens

• Microwaves

• Washers and dryers

• Car rims

• Hot water heaters

• Freezers and refrigerators

• Satellite dishes

• Metal bathtubs and sinks

• Car and truck batteries

• Vehicle parts

• Printers, copiers, and hard drives

• Grills rebar and pipes

• Push and riding lawn mowers

Ready to get rid of your old appliance or exercise equipment?  Hollywood Haulers can help you!

• Bicycles

• Motors

• Motorcycles

• Mini bikes

• Metal garage doors

• Metal swimming pools

• Restaurant equipment

• Metal tools

• Metal tool boxes

• Metal chairs

• Swing sets

• Storm doors and windows

• Treadmills

• Weight sets

• Boilers

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